Dark Fiction & Film

2013 Challenge Theme: Apocalypse
Specific Apocalypse: Strange Matter or Dark Matter
Location: Interstate Freeway
Weapon/Helpful Item: Gas Mask
Disability: Elderly Parent to Care For
Someone/thing trying to eat/kill you—
so now, write the escape!

Short Story

Sun Catcher
by D.M. Slate


Author Bio

Short Story

Home, For Good
by D.M. Slate

Short Story

Veil of Darkness
by D.M. Slate

Contestant in the

2013 Wicked Women’s Writing Challenge

Current Contestant in the
2014 Wicked Women’s Writing Challenge

2014 Challenge Theme: Beauty & The Beast
Specific Beast: Dragon
Location: Japanese Night Club
Weapon/Helpful Item: Bottle of Hair Spray
Disability: Hallucinations
Your beauty is in immediate danger from
your beast—so now, write the escape!

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Enter At Your Own Risk

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2014 Creative Colorado Short Film Contest


2014 Items For Film:
A spork, a skateboard, a baby diaper, popcorn, and the MHHFF Logo

2014 Entry: Don’t Play With Your Dinner

Sci-Fi Horror Novella

Mystery Novel

Paranormal Horror Novel

Flash Fiction
(Under 500 Words)

Grizzly Possibilities
by D.M. Slate